Sunday, November 16, 2008

Counting Down the Days

It's Sunday -- glorious Sunday, and such a perfect day to hang out around the house, read, be lazy and watch girly movies on television. So right now I'm watching the Family Channel, when what's this -- starting tonight Countdown to the Countdown of 25 nights of Christmas??? Why don't they just call it the 40 nights of Christmas? Wouldn't that make sense? And I really don't get how the Notebook is a Christmas movie.

Isn't this a sad attempt at a blog from someone who hasn't blogged in a really long time?

Well, I'll add a more bloggy detail for you all. Rob saw Jon Stewart at his coffeehouse yesterday. Apparently, and this is a quote from Rob's co-workers, "All the big stars that come to Buffalo stay at the Hampton Inn next to the Spot. You know the big stars like Dave Chappelle and Vince Gallo." Yup, that's right, the really big stars. Rob came home from work and told me all about Jon Stewart and how he got a Mike Sandwich with no bacon. Yeah, Rob's not a stalker or anything.

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Literary Auntie said...

That's funny, because when I saw Iron & Wine in concert, Sam Beam mentioned that he had met a bunch of people at the coffeeshop. I bet he was at Spot!