Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor of Love

I've always loved Labor Day -- the perfect mix of summer and fall when even the potential bad weather can be awe-inspiring. For many years now, my family has celebrated Labor Day at the cottage. While not one of our more famous holidays and never one to bring distant family members home to attend, we've generally had a picnic lunch and hung out together. And I'm happy to say... I've just hosted my very first one! In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, I've just hosted my very first family anything. It went swimmingly: beautiful day, lots of food, good company and conversation and even some of my favoritest distant family members making an extension of their visit for the day.

Sadly, this holiday does actually celebrate those who labor -- namely me, and thusly bring up some concerns of mine. I'm still a little tentative about this working from home thing. I was amazed at how well things went this past week. Brilliant concentration and strict scheduling paid off. It's a busy season for us, and truthfully I enjoy my work. But so far I've found the biggest distractions to be the people that I work with -- not Rob the person that is near me while I work, but my actual coworkers who ichat me often with work related stuff, but still distracting. I realize that I took on a lot more responsibility with my recent workload shift, but I haven't felt like I've gotten anything more done.

I head into this next work week feeling slightly less organized and less in control than I would like to be. And what's more I'm going to be starting things on an off foot because my movers are finally delivering our stuff -- tomorrow morning in Buffalo, an hour away. So slight delay of work startage for me. But at least Rob will have lots of clothes again (poor self-sacrificing husband that he is).

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Net Ghost said...

Glad to hear that the movers resurfaced! But don't pay them until you make sure you have all your boxes.

And yes, Labor Day did go "swimmingly." You are a very good hostess. :)