Friday, July 18, 2008

Our New Home?

I booked our movers today. Check. Only 10,000 things more to do on my list, which may be provided by Buttoned Up. By the way, I'm fascinated by their blog and it now finds a place in my favorite places to visit.

We decided to go with movers after discovering (a) it's not that much more expensive than doing it ourselves and (b) taking a stroll down memory lane to the last time we moved. Oh, that was not a good moment for us. That move took us a week and a half. And we only moved 1 block away. Of course, I made Rob do all the moving because I did all the packing. But still is that really an excuse for not moving in a double bed and box spring in less than one day, right?

At any rate, my moving company asked me where we would be dropping off our estimated 4000 pounds of items and I sadly had to say, "Can I get back to you on that?" Thankfully this is apparently not a problem. I was advised that I can wait until the day of pick-up before I have to tell the driver where to take our stuff. Ah, good times.

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