Sunday, September 11, 2011

500 (give or take a few) Days of Summer

[That's an awesome movie, isn't it?]

It seems to me that Summer has been switched off like a light switch. I know we still have a bit of heat left, but the leaves look tired, the time seems a bit more hectic... We had Labor Day at the cottage and wouldn't you know it the lake turned choppy and dark, with a strong wind pushing out that last summer feel. And just like that, it seems like summer is over.

I must confess: All summer long, I said I would be so happy when Fall got here. This summer was just all of the bad aspects of summer and too few of the good.

But now that Fall is here or at least rapidly approaching, I miss it all. I want to swim in the Lake one more time! And just soak it all in.

As they say, some of the best moments of our lives are the ones where we forgot to take pictures. I had one of those this past weekend, swimming with my family. What a joy!

But I did get this:

See, she likes swimming too. Actually she refused to put on a shirt, because she likes the midriff baring style.

A few other tastes of a wonderful summer:

(Whatever Annie is doing in this picture cracks me up.)

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