Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good...

** Disclaimer: Honest to goodness, I do not know what is going on with my blog. The pictures are showing up terribly! But if you want to see a clear version, just click on the picture. I am too tired after this long day to try to figure this out.**

Ok, maybe a bad song choice (and a bad song) but appropriate. My family had it's first reunion in ... Maybe 15 years? Maybe more?? Today also marked my Aunt Dode's birthday and she was hosting the party at her house.

Rob and I had so much fun, as did someone else I know. A few pictures from the day:

Sitting in the shade and good company.

Carl Kogler's descendants -- including me!

Each branch of the family posed for pictures by their "parent" tree. This is one of my favorite pictures: my cousins, Leo and Betty Jane holding up their father, Peter's picture.

My first cousins Lucy, Carl John and his wife, Emily, dining on the steps.

Maddie makes friends with her cousins Wyatt and Alexis.

A rare photo of the blogess, with Fuzzy and little Fussy in front of the "Family Tree." I appointed myself as the decorations subcommittee and used the rainbow as my theme. Since there were seven siblings from which we all decended, each sibling was assigned a color and had their own paper chains and photo ornaments in their color. This tree represented the whole united family with everyone's picture and a rainbow chain:

This is just a little sampling of the day, but there are lots more at our Flickr page if you are interested!

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