Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh, life... It's bigger than you...

Yes that is an REM song, that just happens to have been going through my head lately. And seems appropriate to this topic.

I have a beautiful daughter who just turned 19 months old yesterday. She is lovely in every way. She does not sleep.

My day today has been nothing suckage and bitterness because of this factor. It has been one week since I had a decent night sleep (defined as six hours, not necessarily sequential). Last night I got two hours. I got up 12 times between 10 and 2... And then I lost count.

I have to be fair to Maddie. Last night was not her fault. Apparently every snowplow in the Western hemisphere routes past our apartment and Maddie was woken at least every fifteen minutes by one. Plus Maddie chewed through her pacifier and that did not help.

So in my sleep addled mind I've decided to tackle all these problems. The next month will include no more bottles, pacifier weaning and hardcore sleep training. When you see me on the street I suggest you turn the other way-- this is not going to be pretty. Stay tuned for the apoca.. I mean aftermath.

***seriously, did anyone hear about the mass kills lately (whole species of birds and fish dropping dead all over the world)? The end may be near. Good side: sleep training would be preempted. Bad side: um, do I need to say something here? Obvious, right?

Anyway, wish me luck (and sleep)!

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artistschmartist said... twins aren't sleeping through the night, but they do sleep for about two hours at a time...just not at the same time. So I feel your pain. They each get up 3-4 times per night, which means I get up 6-8 times. This has got to stop! I support you! Together, we can DO THIS! Stay Strong!!
*side note* the couple nights of crying it out we tried were BRUTAL and so we're waiting a few weeks to try again. I think there are teeth involved.