Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's dawned on me that a few of you may not know about Maddie's attempts at speech. Of course you all know about her accusative "Maaaahhhh Meeeeeh!" abilities. But do you know that she actually has quite a vocabulary? Please envision the cutest tone of voice that has every existed while reading these...

Maddie's favorite word? "At." As in Cat. She points at her "ats" and gets all excited to see them, even calling to them. The other morning, black cat came out into the living room and I said to Maddie, "Who's that?" and she said clear as day, "Mah At." Yup, they're her cats alright. Grandma took her to the zoo. Grandma saw an elephant, Maddie saw an "At." Grandma saw a bear, Maddie saw an "At." Grandma saw a giraffe, Maddie saw an "At." And so on.

But my favorite Maddie-ism... Maddie dances, quite a lot actually. Whenever there's music, you'll see Maddie shaking her moneymaker. The other day she was standing at the coffeetable when the theme song to Elmo's World came on Sesame Street. I asked her, "Maddie do you like Elmo?" and no kidding, she looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "I LOVEH EL-O."


Doodle Bug & Bean said...

So cute!

Literary Auntie said...

She said "at" a lot last night, but oddly, she wanted nothing to do with black cat. Even though he pretty much plopped in her lap.